Behold Sublimity

18 x 24 oil on canvas
18 x 24 oil on canvas
Reflecting from the lacy form, a spider’s humble abode,
A sliver of light pierces the eye;
Igniting the birth of countless visions.
Delicate waves of constant speed
Manifest this precious message,
“Behold Sublimity!”

Crashing tides, enslaved by revolving ball;
Brings life to all.
A world of motion blue,
Flowing like a viscous wind,
Carves a cry out of earth and shore,
“Behold Sublimity!”

Scorching a path, replenishing growth,
Melting fear in all beasts of being.
Yet a blaze sings beauty; beyond fright.
Wash away your associations of hell,
For swirls of crimson radiate their tidings,
“Behold Sublimity!”

Bearer of change, so subtle its methods.
Pass all essence as our essence pass on.
From a murmuring sigh to a violent gale,
All life now possible.
Listen for the breath of Zephyrus,
“Behold Sublimity!”

Condensation of dying star, falls and falls;
Endlessly circling its source of animation.
Homes for some, tombs for all.
Amongst erosion comes a timeless word,
“Behold Sublimity!”

 “Behold Sublimity” Musical Composition