Disembowelment of the Soul

30 x 40 acrylic on canvas
30 x 40 acrylic on canvas
Encompassing such agony, this soft dull shell,
Is but a veil for pain—yet created for appeal.
Ancestral rage, perceived only with the heart,
Excavate with courage this bestowment of scars.

Precious jewels, hidden to fools, deprived enough light,
So the flesh conceals gems of omnipotent delight.
Flowing potential of countless colors
Can liberate the troubled or mutilate our brothers.

How misgiven that language so lightly falls:
“Just don’t listen!” Still, tots are born to, after all,
Immeasurable is the weight of words.
I implore you! Does a millstone ring any bells?

Wicked tongues, finely honed by hatred,
Sever any sign of spirit. All these
Universal blades, mournfully dreaded by most,
Remove the essence, that which separates us from ghosts.

Fate of these beings, though their vessels conceal,
Are coins that you flip and cards that you deal.
Will such living reflections of you and I
Bring a future laced with laughter or cry.