Free Determinism – The Explanitory Gap

30 x 40 acrylic on canvas
 “Free Determinism” musical composition

Explore the painting’s six distinct levels, each interconnected and equally important to the whole. At the center is the 1st level where subatomic particles are exchanging energy, exploding in and out of existence like some unending intercourse of wave probabilities—here…no longer…here….no longer…here…chaos.

Upon the second atomic level, one experiences the beautiful symmetry of Heisenberg clouds — in a haze of uncertainty, electrons resonate to Mother Nature’s unyielding touch. Without this delicate interplay of liberated matter and force, “life” would not be possible.

Identity, molecular fingerprints chiseled out of an atomic heap of elements, this third level, the neurotransmitter molecule, is the key to the gates which flood a sea of comprehension or storm a deluge of passion.

An all or nothing event, this fourth layer presents a horn-like synaptic bulb sounding its message like a barrage of molecular heralds…FIRE!!!

Evolutionary genius, this most basic form of life, the cell, has an ancestral drive for success a million-fold stronger than any corporate lust for gold. Three and a half billion years of bioengineering, this absolute flawless machine separates symmetric from chaotic animation and is the ultimate role model of cooperation for humanity.

And ever since his earliest existence, Man has been puzzled by Descartes’ famous “mind/brain” problem: “Can the mind or soul of an individual exist without this physical grey matter? Inversely, can this organ be known to exist without some form of consciousness to comprehend it?” The answer to this and other philosophical questions lie hidden deep within this sixth and final level, the brain organ itself. This in turn leads us back to the first subatomic grouping where it is not the elements nor the forces alone that concocted such a complex entity. Only through a beautiful harmonious collaboration is it possible for even this one thought.