Caged, Yet Unaware

20 x 30 oil on canvas
 “Caged, Yet Unaware” musical composition

Helplessly, in the hands of her captives,
A delicate fowl is coerced to create. So
Too, not allowed to choose, young girls,
Must find mates for money, class or race.

A world of Nature uncovered, the male birdcall
Discovered, able to boast perpetuation of his species.
But sadly alike, not only for reasons loud,
Merely to be “man”… the world will now take you seriously.

To bathe first, to eat first, he must quench his
Thirst, first! The hen, no value but sex must wait.
No matter her mind, talents, skills above equal,
A woman shall be woman with compensation too late.

Darwin set forth her feathers, lacking of colors,
But bright for him, not too dim, for all to see.
Contributions to the advancement of Man,
Unseen behind doors, a myriad of women.

Dominance shall rule with the pecking order.
“His choice sets the standard for what’s appealing.
Hair color, body weight, breast size all; an object,
A plaything, she’s his toilet – which brings relief.

Why would Mother Nature approve of such things?
To drive all mothers to teach their daughters accepting.
Worsed of all her intellect still believes,
“It’s a man’s world. And I am still not worthy.”

One can understand it was priceless at the dawn of Man.
This world demanded dominance, power to
Protect his clan. Today, they claim God’s will, so
Religions and traditions continue duping their daughters.

Let’s abandon the lie, believing all men are equal.
Do we dare punish the sensitive, our thoughtful?
Naturally nurturing, these life-givers uncaged, could deliver
A world without war, conceived in love, blind to gender.